One Day Survival Kit

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Reduce stress and know you have emergency supplies if needed. Great gift idea. Good for 5 Years

This kit will support 1 person for 24 hours or 2 people for 12 hours. The kit is vacuum sealed in an FDA approved watertight plastic pouch that is compact and element resistant storage. Put this kit in your child's backpack, your glove box, your desk, your hiking pack or anywhere you may be stranded or detained without access to life's necessities- Food, Water, Shelter and Light.

Kit includes the following: 2 - Mini Meal (400 calories) Apple Cinnamon Food Bar

2- 4.225 oz. Emergency Drinking water

1- Emergency Whistle with lanyard to signal rescue personal

1- 12 Hour Green Glow Stick 1- 84"x 52" Solar Blanket for warmth, moisture and wind protection and also is reflective for signaling

1- 3 Ply 97.5% Bacterial Filtration Face Mask to block dust and debris, dispel fowl aromas and protect face from wind, elements and some bio-hazards.